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Conference Schedule 

Friday, 17th June

*All Times are Prague, Czechia (GMT+2)


Time                 Activity

9:00 - 9:50       Registration with coffee and pastries


9:50-10:20       Welcome and Opening of conference - Anthony Faramelli


10:20-12:00     Parallel session - 1

                        Panel A - Bodily Cartographies: Experiential and panel discussion

  • Tom Fielder: Ecstatic Cartographies: On the Ambiguity of Dance

  • Lucy Nicholson, Kerstin Wellhofer, Lynn Froggett, Hugh Ortega Breton: Facilitating Liveliness: The relationship between movement in inner and outer time-space


                         Panel B - Mapping the City

  • Louis Moreno: The Spatial Conjuncture of New Urbanism : King’s Cross and Tottenham

  • Andrej Radman: Metropolitan Meta-Modelling 

  • Anandit Sachdev: Auroville: Landscapes of Life, Living and Being

  • Lita Crociani-Windland, Jonathan Mosley, Sophie Warren and Nigel Williams: A psychosocial mapping of political architecture- La Siege du PCF/Espace Niemeyer

12:00-13:00     Lunch 


13:00-14:30     Parallel session – 2

                         Panel A - Mapping Those Real and Imagined Spaces

  • Chad Frazier: Ease of Magic

  • Felix Birch and Sebastian Birch: Mapping Waste

  • Thomas Mical: Schizoanalytic Cartographies of Hyper-Desire Architecture


                         Panel B - Sonic Cartographies

  • Michael Goddard: ‘I Keep a Room at the Hospital’: Towards a Cartography of Emo Topoi

  • Joseph Dodds: Ecopsychoanalytic cartographies of sound

  • Alexander Gerner: Musical-social resonance diagrams of silence: Rethinking Deligny´s wandering lines gestures with psychosocial war/peace field switch (Kurt Lewin), and imaginary social vectors of the other´s attentional gaze

14:30-15:00     Coffee break


15:00-16:30     Parallel session – 3

                         Panel A – Fluid Cartographies and Mountainous Maps

  • Christina Ribas and Paul Schweizer - kollektiv orangotango: Hydrocartography – figuring transformations

  • Subhasree Biswas: The fishpond and other anecdotes: Phenomenological cartography of a space

  • Myna Trustram: Emptying the Map: A prerequisite for eagerness to gather in


                         Panel B – Mapping Technology

  • Robert A. Gorny: Mapping Socio-Techno-Environmental Assemblages

  • Joff Bradley: On the struggle for epokhē and the crisis of the savoirs: Stiegler contra Will Self/ Will Self contra Stiegler

  • Anthony Faramelli: Digital Cartographies: Gaming and the Fascist Abject ​


16:30-17:00     Coffee break


17:00-18:30     Anne Querrien Keynote: Mapping the unconscious with Félix Guattari


18:30-19:30     Drink reception


20:00-22:00     Psychosocial Cartographies Exhibition Private View at Galerie Reunion, Dittrichova 13, 120 00

Saturday, 18th June

*All Times are Prague, Czechia (GMT+2)


Time                 Activity

9:30-9:50         Registration with coffee and pastries


9:50-10:00       Welcome


10:00-10:30     Benjamin Jenner: A WALK IN AFTERNOON SUNSHINE (Experiential)


10:00-12:00     Ruta Putramentaite, Kundai Moyo and Lenka Vráblíková: Toward temporary

                         communities: collective listening, walking, reading, breathing, and sounding

                         (Experiential – registration required)

10:30-12:00     Parallel session – 4  

                         Panel A - Aesthetics of Maps / Mapping Aesthetics

  • Michaela Fiserová: Maps of Counter-Visuality

  • Cole Robertson: Toward a unified field theory of photography

  • Zoltan Kovary: Tamming the Inner Lands 


                         Panel B – Mapping Digital Fascism

  • Imogen Piper: Extremes of Machines

  • Toby Austin Locke: Cartographies of Conspiracy: Mystical Mapping, Joining the Dots, and the Mythic Politics of Conspiracy Theory

  • Jacob Johanssen: The manosphere between destruction and desire


12:00-13:00     Lunch 

13:00-14:30     Parallel session – 5

                         Panel A – Clinical Cartographies

  • David Jones: On the Border: A Psychosocial History of ‘Borderline Personality'

  • Sebastian Birch: The Body and Cartographies of Self-Harm

  • Hannah Dee: It’s A Good Home Ain’t It? Memories of Broadmoor


                          Panel B – Institutional Analysis 

  • Janna Graham: Living lines: conjunctural cartographies in/as institutional analysis 

  • Rachel Wilson: Mapping Support: The Pedagogic Filmic Practice of Fernand Deligny

  • Andrew Goffey: TBA


14:30-14:50     Coffee break


14:50-15:00     Journal of Psychosocial Studies Presentation

15:00-16:30     Parallel session – 6

                        Panel A - Cartographies of Empire and Resistance

  • Carolyn Laubender: Empires of Mind

  • Susan Kelly: Turning: a Micropolitical Cartography of Colonial Rehabilitation

  • Sarover Zaidi: Carceral bodies, barricade cities, and the horizons of protest


                        Panel B – Cartographies of Support

  • George Dake: Map-making as a Psycho-social method: The Everyday lives and lived experiences of men who sell sex to other men

  • Steven Trapp: Making New Maps

  • Bryce Maxwell: ‘This Book a Bone Bird’ – A Case Study

  • Eric Harper: TBA 

16:30-16:45     Coffee break


16:45-17:15     Susanna Kass: Individual and collective cartographies of environmental knowledge

                        Experiential intervention, registration required


17:30-18:30     Reflective Large Groups  

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